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and what's here

I am me, and uniquely me. I'm also always interested in a good question and a good conversation, so let's talk.

As for what's here, this is a chance for me to share about myself, my projects, and whatever else. The header above will show the parts of the site. The below sections include an overview of different pages.

I am a teacher, and I am a learner

An overview of my work, and credit to those who helped me there

The Extra Stuff

How I've spent hours doing what's interesting.


Cryptography and Security

OpenSSL, the hazmat layer, and keeping data secure.

I've developed an interest in encryption after taking an internet security course. I've learned about privacy and written various scripts to encode and decode data of choice.


Guitars and Pedals

The wide world of audio electronics.

I've built a handful of 3D printed and wooden guitars along with a handful of pedals and a vaccuum tube amp. Although I'm still learning how to play, creating each item has been an incredible experience.

3D printing

Additive Manufacturing

Molten plastic, layer by layer.

3D printing is useful. I've been thankful to use this technology for the benefit of many projects and quality of life improvements for myself and the University of Miami.



It's a lot like tennis but in a box.

I started playing more consistently during high school. It's a great but small community, and I'm always looking for more players to join.

Keep life weird.

"If you give me a lever long enough and a place to stand, I can move the world."