A collection of some pretty cool stuff.

For a more complete list of projects, look here.

Cryptography and Security

The first project is am implementation of the cryptography python library from the "hazmat layer", or the bare-bones functions. This project includes a full end-to-end encryption system with salting, public-private keys, certificate authorities, and more. The project can be found on my GitHub at and the link below for direct download. Building upon the concepts is a set of shell scripts that encrypts, signs, then verifies and decrypts a given file using the OpenSSH public-private key-pair implementation. In a time where end-to-end encryption is threatened, the ability to easily and quickly secure files is critically important. This improved package does not need bulky python scripts and a strong understanding of modern cryptographic protocols. The scripts can be downloaded both below and on my GitHub at One of the best implementations I've seen of RSA keys is through Keybase at For more information look at the /.well-known/security.txt file.

Guitars and Pedals

I've built four electric guitars, one bass guitar, about seven guitar pedals, and a classic vacuum tube amplifier. Two guitars have a wooden body, with the second using a 3D printed shell (see the left image below). The third was fully 3D printed with one metal support rod, whereas the fourth combined all the knowledge from the previous three into an incredible 3D printed instrument. Sporting dual EMG active humbucker pickups, an active and light blue body, and the sound of a classic electric guitar, it is by far my favorite project to date and a photo of it is on the home page. The guitar pedals have both been from custom designs and schematics by runoffgroove. Most have a 3D printed enclosure with them. The tube amp is a classic 5F1 Tweed (see the right image below) with slight adjustments for sound clarity and includes a rectifier, power, and pre-amp tube. The circuit above contains a power supply (18VAC to +/- 15vDC) and a 30dB/60dB selectable voltage amplifier.


Additive Manufacturing

3D printing has been involved in too many project to count. A few notable ones are the guitars I've made and the iterations of the Ibis for the 3D printing lab I led. I've created small items to help in daily life (such as a headphone stand and car key holder), I've printed vases and containers for plants, and I've designed and printed items for many various research groups. My time as the team lead prompted me to print the special projects coming through our space. One of the coolest being an art installation for the Lowe Art Museum on the University of Miami's campus. A few of my favorite prints are below. The left image is a zoomed in model of human bone structure. This print is even better because the Carbon M1 printer created the box in under ten minutes. The middle image is an example of the detail and precision capable using the Carbon M1 and I used the model as a training example to teach how to use the software. The right image includes two of the four items commissioned for the Lowe museum.


Intergroup Dialogue

Intergroup dialogue (IGD) has been a growing point for my undergrad experience. After helping the pilot courses start at the University of Miami, I was able to apply the knowledge in other programs and organizations such as IMPACT and Eta Kappa Nu (HKN). Unlike other projects listed above, this is an ongoing process in which I am continuously developing and improving. Having the conversations that matter allows better understanding and relationships between many groups and helps contribute to more equitable spaces.